Dystopia for Reddit #

Dystopia is a fast, powerful, and accessible app for Reddit with over 5,000 active users on iOS and macOS.

Packed full of creature comforts like a beautiful media viewer and power user features like full keyboard navigation and a built-in command interface, Dystopia is a great way to use Reddit whether you’re new to the site or have been there since the dark ages (back when the Narwhal was Baconing at Midnight). Upvote with just a flick, enjoy real-time chat to quickly hash things out privately, get notified when someone replies to your comments, and submit your own images and posts all without leaving the app.

Dystopia is meant to be enjoyed by everyone; whether you like to use your device with a larger font size, VoiceOver, a braille reader, or Switch Control, Dystopia is convenient and natural to use.

Dystopia is free on the App Store.